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What complimenting others does for me...

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Written by Jabu Zwane

I have read it several times in many published academic articles and books, we struggle with confidence the most. I am no exception.

I have also heard several times that we also struggle with feeling inadequate, which translates into low self-esteem. I believe this is one of the main reasons why we have difficulty acknowledging other people's excellence. Our own feelings of inadequacy can make us withdraw into our shells. Envy and worse, jealousy can be the plaque that cripples our social etiquette, of which complimenting others is key.

So...when I feel small looking at others, I focus on what it is about them that is so great. Then I formulate my compliment based on what is great about them or it, then write it or say it out loud to them.

What used to disempower me so much has now become my superpower. In a world where self-doubt and insecurity often cloud our judgments, the simple act of complimenting others can be a powerful antidote to our own feelings of inadequacy. It's a paradoxical truth: by lifting others up, we lift ourselves as well.

Compliments: A Path to Self-Confidence

The world is filled with remarkable people doing extraordinary things. It's easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to these shining stars, a comparison that can lead to feelings of self-doubt. The truth is, we're all unique individuals with our own strengths and talents. Complimenting others not only recognizes their greatness but also reminds us of the wonderful qualities that exist within us.

By focusing on what is great about others, we start to shift our perspective. Instead of seeing them as competitors, we see them as sources of inspiration. We learn that their achievements do not diminish our own worth; in fact, they can enhance it. Complimenting others can be the first step towards recognizing and embracing our own strengths and potential.

Compliments as an Expression of Respect

Compliments are not just empty words; they are a genuine expression of respect and admiration for others. When we offer sincere compliments, we are showing that we value and appreciate the qualities and accomplishments of those we are complimenting. This not only uplifts their spirits but also strengthens our social bonds.

Through compliments, we cultivate positive relationships and create a supportive network of friends and colleagues. This network, in turn, can be an invaluable source of encouragement and affirmation during our own moments of self-doubt.

Compliments: A Bridge to Self-Reflection

Complimenting others encourages us to pause and reflect on the qualities that we find admirable. This self-reflection can be a powerful tool for personal growth. By acknowledging the traits and achievements we admire in others, we gain insight into our own values and aspirations. It helps us identify the qualities we wish to develop within ourselves.

Additionally, the act of complimenting others can motivate us to strive for excellence. When we praise someone for their hard work or accomplishments, we are indirectly setting a standard for our own efforts. Compliments act as a gentle nudge, encouraging us to reach our potential.

In a world where feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt are all too common, the simple act of complimenting others can be transformative. When we shift our focus from self-comparison to acknowledging the greatness in others, we not only empower those around us but ourselves as well. We give ourselves permission to accept compliments from others as well. Compliments are a bridge to building self-confidence, fostering respect, and promoting self-reflection.

What used to disempower us can indeed become our superpower. So, to you, the reader, remember that you are amazing, and you have an incredible contribution to the world. Here's to you and all the difference you're going to make. We are proud of you, and your life is an inspiration. you

About the Author

Jabu Zwane is a Mindset Development Specialist and Founder of The Mindset Development Institute and Success Mindset Summit. He is the Vice-president of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa ( PSASA). He is a host of a Motivational segment of INX Prime TV every Monday, titled, Monday Motivation. He is a contributor to several publications on various topics and has been featured on, GQ magazine, Newsroom Africa, Power FM, Talk Radio 702, SABC Radio and many more.

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